Candidacy for Union President - Los Santos Police Protective League

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Jorge Nava
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  • 1. Personal Information
    • 1.1 First Name: Jorge
      1.2 Middle Name: Emiliano Gutiérrez Emanuel Gomez
      1.3 Last Name: Nava
      1.4 Date of Birth: 17/JAN/1987
      1.5 Contact Number: 60175788
      1.6 Gender:
      • [X] Male
        [-] Female
        [-] Other
      1.7 Address: 307 Spanish Avenue
      1.8 City: Los Santos
      1.9 State: San Andreas

  • 2. Company Information
    • 2.1 What is the name of the unionized company?
      Answer: Los Santos Police Department

      2.2 Owner Name: Dwayne Burke
      2.3 Company Stakeholders/Executives: Dwayne Burke, Timothy Gallagher, Michelle Li, Michael Espinoza (LSPD Staff Officers)
      2.4 LSGOV Issues Business Number: N/A - GOV agency
      2.5 Provide proof of ownership: N/A - GOV agencyACCESS
      2.6 Company Headquarters (provide address): Vespucci Headquarters, 1308 San Andreas Avenue, Los Santos, SA. 90030

      2.7 Union Name: Los Santos Police Protective League
      2.8 Statement to run for Union President:

      Unionization and Awareness to the Cause
      It's time for new leadership to be reintroduced to the Los Santos Police Protective League after a protracted absence. It is up to us to shape the way forward with the help of the men and women serving in the same cause who are bound by their duty to serve. Unionizing and standing tall together during situations that put us in jeopardy, whether you work as a SWAT officer or work a desk, we have to delegate roles and responsibilities in order to uplift and maintain the once great Los Santos Police Protective League.

      As younger generations become police officers, it is our job to give the union more exposure. After all, a more dynamic workplace leads to results, and results lead to a cleaner, safer Los Santos. If I am elected president, I will attempt to get the word about the LSPPL out there so that the LSPD officers can join the union and not be left behind.

      With my possible re-election, I will, as president, ensure that everyone who upholds a membership with the Los Santos Police Protective League will have around-the-clock legal representation available to them in case of an internal investigation. As it did before, the LSPPL will hire outside legal counsel to meet the needs of Los Santos Police Department officers in the future.

      Due to the unfortunate inactivity of the latest administration, my tenure as president will focus solely on rebuilding the union and getting it back on its feet. The first order of business would be electing and voting in members of the board and filling out vacancies. Along with filling the open positions, my plan would be to get back in touch with local senators and legislators and try to build trust and a working relationship with the District Attorney's Office. I would also look at any current laws or Los Santos Police Department policies that could hurt an individual officer.

      Attempting to start liaisons with the Staff Team in order to combat possible flawed or hurtful internal policies is a priority that will be started as soon as the union is back up and standing. Eliminating tension and unwanted bad relations between the union and the establishment, that is, the Staff Team, will be a priority during my term as president and certainly a vital part of coming together and seeing eye to eye as law enforcement officers.

      Restoring and rebuilding trust in the union is critical, as is getting the union to the point where we can operate as a team indefinitely. Working with boots-on-the-ground officers, with first hand experiences with flawed policy or legislation is key to maintaining a safe working environment for the individual, a continuous effort towards liaising with officers during union meetings is key to a successful working environment and will not be ignored during my time as president. With my election as a possible president, I will push for an anonymous complaint forwarding system to root out issues that are plaguing the individual officer.

      Transparency, and Community
      One of my promises as a possible president would be to strengthen public appeal towards law enforcement officers by contributing back to the community. Conducting events in the community, being transparent with the public and showing the pride of the department to communities in and around our stations and service areas is ideal, and is a priority. Being transparent with the public is a priority that will not go unnoticed during my possible tenure as president.

      Policies and Law

      During my presidential tenure, I will promise the humanization surrounding police officers in the Los Santos Police Department. Attempting to eradicate and loosen unhuman policies such as the tattoo policy is a priority, with focus on individuality within officers.

      Legislation affects the law enforcement officers in the LSPD. Whether it is legislature that makes us more efficient or, that drags us down and plays a factor against us. With the aforementioned statement on attempting to reestablish legislator connections through the LSPPL, I will work towards establishing a clear line of communication with legislatures to ensure that pieces of law will help law enforcement as much as possible.

      Tattoo Policy
      Old policies from the 1980’s are still in place and are affecting officers on the job. As tattoo’s become more widespread, it is my goal during my possible presidency to loosen restrictions surrounding tattoo’s. As it currently stands, absolutely no tattoos are allowed to be shown to the public, and must be covered up by long sleeves, or added sleeves on short sleeved shirts. Proposing a more relaxed tattoo policy such as allowing officers to show arm tattoos (restricting full sleeves covering the arm, but allowing the odd tattoo here and there and semi-sleeves of tattoos) should be integrated with help from the board and officer feedback during meetings.

      With no experience running a board as president I have much to learn. During the rebuilding of the LSPPL to a comfortable spot, I am open to every bit of criticism that comes my way. I recognize that I am not perfect, and I will be perfect, but I will do it my all. I won’t abandon my visions, and I won’t turn my back during pressure. Over my 15 year tenure in this department, working different assignments and meeting officers from all walks of life, I am ready to embrace this position, and I will give it my all. During the assembly of the board more in-depth discussions surrounding the visions as aforementioned, and my goals for the union envisioned. I hope I can count on your vote for this term's election. If you have any questions regarding anything in relation to my presidential campaign and vision, I encourage you to reach out to me over e-mail, or approach me in person. Let’s make the Los Santos Police Protective League Great Again.

      Police Officer III
      Jorge Emiliano Gutiérrez Emanuel Gomez Nava

      2.9 Financial Records ( In accordance with the Labor Act of 2021 ): N/A
      2.10 Union Headquarters (provide address): Milton Road (( Faction owned property: Los Santos Police Protective League))

      (( If you require more fields for employment information you can copy the listed above and post another line of employer status ))

  • 3. Goverment Issued Licenses and Background Check
    • 3.1 Do you have a valid driver's license in San Andreas?
      [X] Yes
      [-] No

      3.2 Do you consent to a background check?
      [X] Yes
      [-] No

  • (( 4. Out of Character ))
    • 4.1 Forum name: Access
      • 4.2 Discord: atomstodin#0599
    I, JORGE NAVA, have agreed to the terms that have been placed upon myself by the State of San Andreas, specifically through the Labor Act of 2021, and acknowledge that I will follow the laws that have been placed upon myself, to the best of my ability, and before I conduct fishing operations, I will make sure I am up to date with the current State Laws on Labor Policies & Regulations. I will conduct all my operations in good faith in accordance with the State of San Andreas Law.

    J. Nava
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