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San Andreas State Government
Office of Planning and Special Projects
Protection Agent, OPSP(GS-4)

Location: San Andreas State Capitol, Los Santos, SA.
Salary: $45,000 Annually. ((Weekly))
Job Type: Full-time. Protection Agent

Protection Agent(s) will take care of security-related matters for the Director and Deputy Director of OPSP, including but not limited to;
- Keeping the Directors safe from any harm or threat.
- Alerting the Directors of any possible threats that may put him in danger.
- Monitoring the environment and surrounding areas for possible threats.
- Driving the Director's governmental vehicle.

- All Applicants must be 21 years or older at the time of application.
- Valid San Andreas Drivers License is required for this position.
- Clean Criminal Record.
- Communication Skills, fluent English required both in verbal and written. Bilingual applicants favored.
- Relevant Job Experience.
- San Andreas Personal Firearms License.
- San Andreas License to carry a concealed weapon.
- San Andreas Guard Card.

Preferred experience, skills and qualifications:
- Experience in law enforcement.
- Experience in the military.
- First aid qualification or higher medical-related license/qualification.
- Defensive Driving qualifications.

Contact through email (( PM in these forums)) with the following format:

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[i]((Replace the link with your own 200x200 picture and delete this OOC note))[/i][/center]

[b]Full Name:[/b] [i]Answer here[/i]

[b]Age:[/b] [i]Answer here[/i]

[b]Gender:[/b] Mark with an X.
     [  ] Male
     [  ] Female
     [  ] Other
[b]Contact Number:[/b] [i]Answer here[/i]

[b]Relevant Academic Information:[/b] [i]Answer here[/i]

[b]Relevant Job Experience:[/b] [i]Answer here[/i]

[b]Relevant Qualifications:[/b] [i]Answer here[/i]

[b]Relevant Skills:[/b] [i]Answer here[/i]

[b]Criminal Record:[/b] Mark with an X.
     [  ] Clean
     [  ] Infractions
     [  ] Misdemeanors
     [  ] Felonies 
[b]Why would you like to work as a Protection Agent?[/b]

[i]Developed answer here[/i]

[b]What are your expectations as a Protection Agent, should you be hired?[/b]

[i]Developed answer here[/i]

[b]Submit a copy of your licenses:[/b]

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