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  • 1.1 Government Contract ID : #XXX-02-2023
  • 2.1 Business Name:
    Keystone Waste Management Solutions

    2.2 Business Account ID:

    • 2.2.1 I hereby confirm that the information associated with my Business Account ID is up-to-date:
      Mark "X" where applicable.
      [x] Yes
      [] No
    2.3 Business History:
    Keystone waste management solutions was established in the early year of 2021 and has made a huge impact on society in its recent years. It has been run by a number of people in the past who have all made a huge success of the business. They have provided service to the likes of government entities, commercial businesses and on some occasions, domestic.

    2.4 Products & Services:
    We offer a huge array of services from waste pickup to recycling. Our main focus is making sure your waste is managed correctly. We take on contracts from commercial businesses/government and make sure the follow the contract through to the needs of our client.

    This includes garbage collection, street cleaning, replacement of damaged dumpsters, dumpster cleaning, skip hire, removal of any dangerous hazards to waste management such as; recycling, landfills, correct method of disposal, energy and so on.

    2.5 Key Employees:
    Kenneth Moore - Owner
    Matviy Ivanko - C.O.O
    Adam Mischenko - Financial Manager

    2.6 External Business Partners:
    San Andreas Dockworkers Association 31

    2.7 Business Clients:
    Damianis, San Andreas Dockworkers Association 31, Beluga, Vespucci Pawn and Hedera Hotel.
    3.1 Business Portfolio:
    Provide a summary of your work as a contractor, list your past experience here.

    Keystone waste management solutions has always been at the top of their game when it comes to contracts with small businesses. They have completed contracts with various businesses and even the port in the past and met the needs of every client.
    Keystone have excelled in the past with their contracts and will proceed to do so in the future. They have and still to this day provide and service to companies in and out of Los Santos.

    3.2 Plan of Action:
    Explain in detail how you plan to achieve the goals set forth in the contract. We recommend addressing all requirements explicitly mentioned therein.

    Firstly, we would hire the labourers lined up for the job upon completion of the contract. From there on, a date and time would be set twice a week to suit both parties for the works to be carried out.

    Two teams would be created in order to tackle the waste at the businesses within the port. One team would be collecting garbage from dumpsters or any skips hired and bringing them back the the waste management site for further instruction.

    The other team will be cleaning the roads/sidewalks of the port to make sure the port is a clean and waste-free site, eventually bringing back any hazardous waste, debris or general waste back to the management site to be sorted.

    This would happen twice a week at set times to avoid any obstruction or mishaps for both parties.

    Each team will consist of 3/4 workers, including one leader for each team. This is to direct the labourers in the correct manner.

    1. Training, healthy and safety rules and regulations:

    Each employee will first receive a basic training package, containing a one-to-one lesson, OSHA training and group meetings regarding health and safety regulations on site. The employees will be tested on their knowledge. If they pass the test, they will be invited to join the programme.

    2. Briefing and PPE

    After all employees have successfully passed, there will be a briefing of the contract explaining what works will be carried out and all team members will be appointed into their teams as leaders/labourers depending on their skills. They will then be given the correct PPE to carry out their jobs.

    3. Site surveillance

    As a training policy, our staff would require a tour of the site to avoid any safety measures being disrupted and/or confusion on the day of work. This tour would involve which businesses require our services and which areas are to be covered within the port.

    4. Finalisation

    Once all staff have been trained and instructed, works can be carried out on their set dates/times and the contract can begin in full course.

    3.3 Technical Capability:
    Demonstrate your (key) employees' skills, experience of similar work and their involvement if you were to be awarded the contract.

    C.O.O - Matviy has been in the waste management game for a long time. Since he was young, he worked for his father at a waste management site on contracts and other various jobs within the industry. He has had a fair share of labour work, accounting, business management and leadership. Matviy would be project managing the whole thing throughout, making sure all staff are capable to carry the contract out and seeing it through that all parties are happy. He will manage the contract and act as a main contact for keystone of any enquiries where to arise.

    Financial manager - Adam has had a fair share in the industry also, as Matviy’s nephew, he was always in and out of the industry under his fathers order. On the side of things, Adam went to college and university focusing mainly on the finance section. He successfully graduated and has a degree in finance. This will help with the contract as he will be focusing mainly on the incomings, outgoings, overheads and all other financial factors.

    3.4 Financial Bid:
    Provide us with the details of your pricing and any aftercare arrangements within the price.

    Employees salary (Monthly): $480,000. This will cover the wages for our staff monthly.

    Fleet maintenance (Monthly): $30,000. All our fleet will be maintained in house by our own staff to save expenses. However, fuel cost and insurance etc will need to be covered.

    Recycling plant maintenance (Monthly): $60,000. This will cover any maintenance required at the plant such as wear and tear, machinery maintenance, inspections and surveys, risk assessments and daily cleaning.

    Training (One off payment): $60,000. This will cover the cost for the training of our staff and any tests they have to carry out.

    PPE (One of payment): $25,000. This will cover any equipment and personal protection equipment that our staff will need to carry out the job. This includes safety boots, helmets, nitrile gloves and safety goggles.

    3.5 Competitive Analysis:
    Give us a quick analysis on why your bid should be chosen.
    Keystone waste management solutions is a well established company and has been for some time. The new management in line is run by hard working, honest and reliable staff. We take our work seriously and handle things professionally.

    Upon agreement to the contract, I can ensure Keystone will meet the demands in a professional manner and in a way where all parties are happy. Keystone thrives on good relationships with their clients as it welcomes a good working environment.
    • I hereby declare that I have read and understand the e-Procurement guide provided to me by the Bureau of State Contracts.
    • I authorize the Bureau of State Contracts and/or the State of San Andreas, to contact government agencies, past employers, educational institutions and listed references in the course of conducting an investigation into my background.
    • I authorize the Bureau of State Contracts and/or the State of San Andreas, to release all data gathered during the background investigation to public procurement management at the State of San Andreas for use in evaluating my government contract bidding form.
    • I understand and acknowledge that the information the Bureau of State Contracts and/or the State of San Andreas, gathers and provides to public procurement management may be unfavorable to my application.
    • In order to fully verify the identity of the tendering party for purposes of the background check, I have obtained the consent of all shareholders to disclose personal information such as their name, phone number, address and date of birth.
    Matviy Ivanko
    I hereby certify that the answers I have given are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I understand and agree to the provisions, conditions, and restrictions herein or otherwise imposed.

    Matviy Ivanko

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