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Hank Preston
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Chief Legal Officer - HIRING



The Port Authority is seeking a certified lawyer well versed in labor and criminal law (constitutional is a bonus.) This is considered administrative, and you will be working with the upper echelons of the San Andreas Port Authority's leadership, and working directly with the Director and his team of Superintendents. This position will require you to perform duties such as document creation, policy writing and liaison work with various agencies and companies. 

This position plans, organizes, directs, and coordinates the Port Authority's legal services and provides legal advice to the Director and his team of Superintendents. The Chief Legal Officer is responsible for performing the most complex and important legal work including reviewing and making recommendations on contracts, departmental policy, port rules, legal cases and providing other general legal services as needed.


•Certified BAR Lawyer in the State of San Andreas
•Specialize in Contract/Labor Law.
•Specialize in Criminal Law.
•No conviction of a felony or misdemeanor.


•Policy writing and review.
•Document creation.
•Negotiations with companies and unions when asked.
•Advisory work to the Director and his Superintendent Team.


•Strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to perform compelling presentations.
•Positive attitude and ability to work with a team or as a team leader.
•Pro-active in assessing issues as discovered and determined to resolve conflict.
•Well versed in documenting programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word or the Google equivalents.

SALARY: $90,000+
Please send all inquiries to [email protected] ((PM))

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